Officially retiring from tattooing

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It has been almost 3 decades since I began the journey of tattooing and now that adventure is coming to a close. I will no longer be taking any requests for new work and only projects that are currently started will be booked for completion so that I can retire with a clear conscious.
Thank you to all of you that have given me the opportunity to mark your canvases. It is amazing to think back to all of the people, places and experiences that tattooing has brought to me. The journey was a challenging one and I hope that through all of the trials and tribulations that I have marked a path that continues to be beneficial to those that come after me. I’m sure that the craft of tattooing will continue to morph into more amazing bodies of work than people ever thought possible and I will be watching from the side lines,

Painting and other artistic endeavours will be my focus in the coming future and the focus on organic horticulture now takes a main stage in my day to day. A huge thank you again to all that co-created with me on this path.

Peace and Light……..

Fall 2020

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This has been a year like no other and I am sure that we can focus on a lot of negatives. However, I feel this is a massive transition to something more positive and the shift is uncomfortable but ultimately necessary. I have been feeling compelled to create images that I feel are in line with this transitionary energy and I have been exploring the fabric of my natural environment with the frequency changes that I feel are occurring. I have completed 3 large pieces within this context that are all sold but I will be creating a body of smaller works that are more accessible to the general public over the course of this Fall/Winter season and will post them when they are completed and ready to find new homes. Thank you for taking time out of your day to view my work. Peace-

Maple Ridge Artist Studio Tour May 11/12

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If anyone viewing this site is in the area of Maple Ridge this coming Mother’s Day weekend, feel free to stop by my studio in East Maple Ridge to say hello. There are many talented artists participating this year and we’d all love to have the support of our community and patrons… come on by!

You can pick up a brochure that includes the map and details of all the participating studios at the public library or any of the studios that are participating.

Happy 2019!

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It has been quite a long while since I have updated work to this site but I am starting off this new year with an effort to keeping my works up to date. It will be a bit of a process to get things in order but my intentions are solid.

Any of the artworks on this site that do not have a ‘sold’ in the description are available for purchase. Please message me for any details on pricing, etc. if you are interested in any of the available works.

catching up with past work…

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IMG_1248 IMG_1252 shawn octopus


I am guilty of not documenting my work as often as I should so it is always a treat to bump into clients that have work that I didn’t get a chance to photograph, such as this piece that I was able to catch up with this past weekend.

Hello and welcome to my new site!

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It has been a long while since I have had the ability to share updated work with the outside world, so I am very excited to finally be able to do just that.  Please feel free to browse around and ask any questions that you may have regarding my work.

I am not the best at keeping documentation of my work so this is not the full accumulation of it by any means.  It is meant to be a platform to share my craft with those who wish to view and interact and hopefully some of it will inspire ideas in others.

Some of the artwork in the gallery section is still available and some images have prints available, although very few of them.  A lot of the paintings that I create are too large to make prints so they are limited to the smaller images.  Any inquiries about any pieces or commissions can be forwarded to me through the contact on here.

Thanks for taking the time to peruse the site 🙂