Happy New Year to all….

Posted on 01-04-14 in artwork


I completed this piece just before the changing of the year.  A friend had asked me to create an image that encompassed the concept ‘The forgiven ghost in me’ and it took me a while before i could get it out of my head in a way that i felt got that statement across. Thought I would share it with whomever comes this way….

recent works…

Posted on 05-31-13 in artwork


These three recent drawings were done out of necessity to release some of my own inner musings while feeling overwhelmed by my ‘tattoo drawing work’. Sometimes I get a bit too over loaded with having to create other people’s imaginations and I get a build up of things floating in my mind that need to come out before I can get back to focus on work stuff.  I created these over the course of three days and they participated shortly after their arrival in a group show at the Inner Urban Gallery in Vancouver.