I currently have 3 pieces in the Maple Ridge Act Gallery for the Ensemble 2015 group show. Details here..http://www.theactmapleridge.org and I also have 4 pieces in the Roam Gallery for the 60/120/240 show. Details here…http://www.roamgallery.com.  If you’re in the area of either of these galleries, please stop in and check them out.

I am not very computer savvy and I forgot how to add things to my website until now!  So, without further ado, I would like to mention that I am currently working on a new exhibition and the pieces are moving along quite nicely.  I have also recently set up a small account on Big Cartel to sell what prints I currently have in stock. I will be making a consorted effort this Spring to get more pieces scanned and printed and i will post them as they become available.  I thought I would post a few sneak peaks at what I am working on at the moment………

IMG_3026 IMG_3025 IMG_2911


I completed this piece just before the changing of the year.  A friend had asked me to create an image that encompassed the concept ‘The forgiven ghost in me’ and it took me a while before i could get it out of my head in a way that i felt got that statement across. Thought I would share it with whomever comes this way….

I am happy to finally get to share my latest painting with you all :).  I would enjoy to hear any feedback that anyone has on it.


IMG_1248 IMG_1252 shawn octopus


I am guilty of not documenting my work as often as I should so it is always a treat to bump into clients that have work that I didn’t get a chance to photograph, such as this piece that I was able to catch up with this past weekend.


These three recent drawings were done out of necessity to release some of my own inner musings while feeling overwhelmed by my ‘tattoo drawing work’. Sometimes I get a bit too over loaded with having to create other people’s imaginations and I get a build up of things floating in my mind that need to come out before I can get back to focus on work stuff.  I created these over the course of three days and they participated shortly after their arrival in a group show at the Inner Urban Gallery in Vancouver.



It has been a long while since I have had the ability to share updated work with the outside world, so I am very excited to finally be able to do just that.  Please feel free to browse around and ask any questions that you may have regarding my work.

I am not the best at keeping documentation of my work so this is not the full accumulation of it by any means.  It is meant to be a platform to share my craft with those who wish to view and interact and hopefully some of it will inspire ideas in others.

Some of the artwork in the gallery section is still available and some images have prints available, although very few of them.  A lot of the paintings that I create are too large to make prints so they are limited to the smaller images.  Any inquiries about any pieces or commissions can be forwarded to me through the contact on here.

Thanks for taking the time to peruse the site :)